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Metrology Market Applications

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While lens alignment and assembly has built a successful foundation for OATI, development of QuickPRO-3D™ Profiler has opened a vast new market for the company. Utilizing a chromatic confocal sensor for single point and line scan our profiler can quickly image surfaces from flat semiconductor wafers and MEMS to aspheric and freeform optics. QuickPRO-3D™ was designed to be the perfect fit for in-line production QA/QC requirements in applications like those mentioned below. If you don't see your application, give us a call so we can learn the specifics, or send us a sample of what you would like us to measure. We enjoy a challenge.

Surface Profiling.png
  • Measure tip/tilt of lens

  • Verify P-V and SAG

  • Identify deviation from the specified lens prescription.

  • Measure surface deviations in zone diameter, depth, and transition gap.

  • Identify localized slope errors.

  • Measure photo spacer location, dimensions and integrity.

  • Measure color filter volume for LC one-drop fill

  • Locate defects that cause Mura aberrations.

  • Identify foreign object contamination.

LCD Color Filter with Photospacers.PNG
  • Inspect single point diamond turned (SPDT) mold geometry as pre-production QA

  • Measure micro-lens height and profile

  • Identify local punctures or other structural aberrations made by the forming process

  • Inspect line width and feature spacing

  • Scan for warpage

  • Measure via size, depth and position

PC Substrate.PNG
  • Measure top and bottom surfaces of transparent films to identify any critical deviations in thickness

  • Use generated plots to pinpoint and implement process improvements to eliminate potential failure zones 

Profiler_Film Thickness_3D.jpg
  • Use SD-OCT to simultaneously measure top surface topography and film thickness at nm resolution

  • Optimized for in-line process control post exposure and pre-etch

Patterned Photoresist.png
  • Simultaneous 3D measurement of surface form and alignment datums on non-axially symmetric optical elements

  • Ideal for qualification prior to alignment of three-mirror anastigmatic imaging systems.

Off Axis Aspheric Mirror.PNG
  • 4D (x, y, z, thickness) measurement of aspheric molded micro-lenses in tray

  • Top surface vertex to bottom surface vertex offset relative to surface datum

  • 0.1 micron precision at 2 sec per lens

  • Ideal for 100% inspection of lens-in-tray

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