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Alignment Market Applications

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OATI's best-in-class lens alignment and inspection system (LAS) delivers superior performance, to within 0.2 µm lens centration and 0.5 arcsec flatness. This capability in conjunction with proprietary CalcuLens™ data management software provides solutions to a wide range of measurement objectives.  Combined with a variety optional modules, LAS can solve many different applications like those described below. Don't see an application of interest? Give us a call so we can learn the specifics of your application. In many cases, even if we don't have a current solution, we will develop one for you.

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CalcuLens™ Inspection has a 3D-Viewer option  enables LAS users to see individual lens element orientations in an optical assembly and a best fit optical axis.

Beam Deviation.png

The Calculens™ Beam Deviation application measures θf and calculates θ’ from a known relationship found through ray-trace.

The quick-attach LAS-Profiler™ module offers an economical alternative to a stand-alone 3D profilometry tool for aspheric and other types of rotationally symmetric lenses.

Surface Profiling.png

CalcuLens™ Vertex enables the LAS to make relevant distance measurements in optical assemblies to within ±2.5 μm. 

Vertex Measurement.png

CalcuLens™ ROC measures the radius of curvature of lens surfaces with an accuracy of 0.05% by utilizing the unique design of the LAS.

ROC Measurement.png

DMI option enables the LAS to make relevant distance measurements in optical assemblies, but with higher accuracy and through deeper lens assemblies.

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Strong Pass/Fail correlation is seen utilizing LAS in a production environment. This QA technique saves time relative to traditional measurement of MTF for each assembly.

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