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Aspheric Surfaces

LAS With New Quick-Attach LAS-Profiler™

OATi customers who own a Laser Alignment and Assembly System (LAS) with motorized and encoded rotary air bearing now have the option of adding 3D Surface Profiling capability. This is possible with a new quick-attach LAS-Profiler module that can be installed in less than five minutes. The inspection module can map the 3D surface topography of rotationally symmetric surfaces such as diamond turned or molded lenses, including for example, aspheres for cell phone lens with datum surface on the OD. This option enables nanometer-level precision profiling along the surface of the lens being mapped, made possible using a chromatic confocal single point sensor with 10 nm axial and 1 µm lateral resolutions respectively.

Measurements can be made reliably on lenses from 1mm to 100mm diameter, with Sag (peak to valley) less than 25mm and slopes less than 70 degrees from normal. Throughput is governed by the number of data points required. A quick quality assurance check on a sample out of a production batch can be completed within minutes using a simple cross-cut evaluation, as shown in the figure below.

Asphere Lens XY_use.JPG

High density sampling is also possible, as might be used to inspect a diamond turned mold before release to production of precision molded optics. High density surface profiling may take hours to complete. Residual form errors can be mapped out using the GUI for form removal; plano, sphere, cylinder, cone polynomial, asphere.


This tool is not designed for the metrology lab. It is designed for the production floor and priced to allow large scale implementation. With it, QC/QA can be performed in-line during the process to quickly identify issues before they turn into a large quantity of very expensive scrap.


So, if you have a motorized and encoded LAS, the quick-attach LAS-Profiler™ module offers an economical alternative to a stand-alone 3D profilometry tool. Contact OATi today for more information.

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