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Surface Topography Technology

The Basics

3D Surface & Thickness Profiler

Sensing Technology: Chromatic Confocal Single Point and Line Scan 

Measurements: Distance and Thickness

How does it work?

  1. A white light LED is used to illuminate the source

  2. The light travels via optical fiber to the chromatic optical probe

  3. The chromatic probe focuses light at different colors to different working distances from the probe

  4. The back reflected/scattered light is passed back through the optical fiber to a spectrometer which diffracts the light into a spectrum

  5. The intensity peak in the spectrum corresponds to a precise distance from the chromatic probe

  6. Each measurement is collected at a 4kHz sample rate

  7. Probe can be either single point or line scan (192 point)

  8. For thickness measurement, the spectrum shows two intensity peaks corresponding to the top and bottom surface of the transparent sample

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