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Off-Axis Aspheric Mirror

Off Axis Aspheric Mirror.PNG

Combining a single-point high-NA chromatic confocal sensor with a high-speed nanometer-encoded X/Y/Z motion-control stage, the QuickPRO-3D can quickly measure the surface topography of polished or diamond-turned optical surfaces at up to +/- 50° slope angle. The up to 60 kHz measurement rate, combined with the 10nm axial resolution and 1µm lateral resolution, enable fast and high precision measurement of surface form and alignment datum geometry. 

An ideal application for the QuickPRO-3D is the simultaneous measurement of the optical surface form and alignment datum geometry of diamond-turned off-axis aspheric or freeform mirrors for use in multi-mirror reflective imaging systems. The X/Y/Z architecture of the QuickPRO-3D motion platform permits full CMM-like surface metrology within the 100mmx100mm-50mm measurement volume. 

Below is sample point cloud data from the measurement of a diamond-tuned off-axis aspheric mirror where the optical axis of the aspheric optical surface (red) is accurately defined and related to the datum mounting planes (blue). The optical surface and the datum planes are machined on the same substrate, requiring 3D surface profiling at different planes and angles in a single motion recipe. 

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