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Autocollimator Active Alignment of Optical Lens Assemblies
LAS active alignment and assembly stations
Optical metrology and 3D surface profiling for optical assemblies
Automated 3D surface topography and thin film thickness

For more than 30-years, Opto Alignment has been a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision alignment & metrology
solutions for optical manufacturing. Our flagship product, the Lens Alignment System (LAS
   ), is superior to the standard autocollimator and employs latest generation illumination and vision technologies, along with computer automation, to achieve sub-micron centering precision via a custom active alignment process. Our QuickPRO   metrology products offer high resolution for less than 1⁄4 of the price of comparable systems. Dual-sided optics, PCBs, or wafers can be scanned with sub-micron accuracy within minutes utilizing chromatic confocal and interferometric sensors to accurately measure variations in surface topography.




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