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High-Speed, High-Accuracy, Non-Contact 3D

Rotary Profiler Station (RPS)


System Characteristics

  • Designed specifically for measuring the surface topography and transparent film thickness of rotationally symmetric samples such as diamond-tuned optical surfaces and molded or polished aspheric lenses.

  • Two size options: RPS-150 for Ф ≤ 150 mm samples and RPS-300 for Ф ≤ 300 mm samples

  • Non-contact, high-resolution, high-speed chromatic confocal point sensor with three available probe resolutions

  • Integrated high-precision centration/tilt table with adjustable piezo lever probe for fast and easy sample/chuck/fixture alignment

  • Nanometer encoded C/R/Z (rotational, radial, vertical) motion with direct drive rotary air bearing (C-axis) and direct drive linear mechanical bearing (R- & Z-axis)

  • Granite base with dimensionally stable Invar metrology frame

  • Available vacuum bell chucks for secure sample holding

  • Nanometer precision motion control with thermal compensation and error mapped Invar encoder gating scales

  • User-friendly QuickPRO™ instrument control and data acquisition software permits easy set-up and optimized measurement sampling density for best coverage at highest throughput

  • Powerful CalcuSurf-3D™ surface plotting, form fitting and data reporting software


QuickPRO-RPS SPecifications.png
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