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Multi-Lens Inspection

OATi proprietary software CalcuLens™ Inspection (pictured below) has an optional 3D-Viewer utility which aids LAS users in visualizing the orientation of individual elements in an optical assembly as well as the global trends in misalignment of a multi-lens stack.

Calculens Screen copy.jpg

Using the tilt and centration data from a CalcuLens™ extended report, 3D-Viewer plots lenses as vectors connecting two surface vertices in 3D space. In this way, the three-dimensional tilt and positions of each lens are easily seen in reference to the datum axis of the assembly and to each other. The 3D-Viewer also calculates a best fit optical axis (BFOA), constructed from the vertices of the lenses, and can plot the lenses relative to it for better understanding of the ideal orientation of the assembly.

3d_visulaizer1 copy.jpg

The Viewer can display up to 3 different sets of data for comparison, along with a table containing lens tilt and decenter. Choice of cylindrical or Cartesian coordinates presents the quantitative data for the displayed lens stacks. Ultimately, the capabilities of the CalcuLens™ 3D-Viewer provide the user with a complete visual summary of the lens alignment within an optical assembly measured by the LAS.


Click HERE to download the "Calculens™ 3D Viewer Utility" software. (1.7MB zip file. 795 MB including MATLAB Runtime if not already installed on your PC)

Click HERE to download the "Calculens 3-D Viewer Tutorial" presentation.

VIDEO: Watch CalcuLens™ software in action, capturing lens tilt and centration data on a MWIR (4.05µm) LAS. Video displays the output from Laser Alignment & Assembly System (LAS) as it moves into a lens focal image, out of focus, and then back into focus, followed by Capture Orbit function which is used to quantify lens and lens stack misalignment.

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