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ROC Measurement

CalcuLens™ ROC delivers accurate and repeatable Radius Of Curvature measurements of lens surfaces by utilizing the unique design of the LAS. A high NA (numerical aperture) objective brings green laser light into focus with a focal depth of < 40 μm.


By analyzing the positions of the Normal (cat's eye) and Confocal reflections of the focus from the test surface (see diagram above for example on a concave lens), the ROC software determines the radius of curvature of the surface to an accuracy of 0.05% (see highlighted result in screenshot below), and the precision sub-micron Z-axis linear encoder is mapped for temperature compensation to provide micron level repeatability. The application software is also equipped with scripting of the measurement process, so that statistics are easily obtained.


The CalcuLens™ ROC and Vertex application software is offered together in a single module on LAS.

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