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Vacuum Wands

Vacuum Wands

Our line of vacuum wands and cups ensures the safety and quality of your delicate optical components. All wands and cups are usable with our Lens Handler™ system and ROTOwand™ systems, or they can be used with your vacuum source.


The non-damaging cups are made of non-damaging Delrin® and accommodate optics ranging from 1mm to 300mm. For applications where force will be applied to a part (e.g. grinding or beveling) we can adapt our vacuum cups to include a rubber o-ring for added security.


Wand Types:

A42000 Pincette Wand – The Pincette wand utilizes a by-pass hole, which when covered by the operator’s finger applies vacuum and holds the part. To release the part, the operator simply removes his or her finger from the by-pass hole. This wand is best used for applications where the part is under vacuum for a few seconds.
A42001 Push-Button Wand  Discontinued