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Download QuickPRO-3D™ Brochure


Bench-Top, High-Speed, High-Accuracy, Non-Contact

3D Surface Profiler™

System Characteristics:

  • Compact, bench-top unit with environmental enclosure
  • Non-contact chromatic confocal sensor (Point or Line Scan)
  • 3D surface topography and transparent film thickness
  • Integrated CMOS camera with co-axial or ring illumination
  • Nanometer encoded X/Y/Z motion with magnetic linear motors and cross roller bearings 
  • Available vacuum chucks for sample/tray holding
  • User friendly CalcuSurf3D™ Recipe Generation, Data Acquisition, and Surface Analysis software permits optimized measurement sampling density for best coverage at highest throughput
  • Extensive 3D Surface plotting and data reporting functions conforming to DIN ISO




  • Lenses (single & trays)

  • Diamond-turned parts & molds

  • MEMS

  • Semiconductor

  • Advanced Packaging

  • 3D Printed Products

  • Micro-fluidic cells

  • LED & OLED

  • Transparent films

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