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Fogale Nanotech LensView System™

Fogale Nanotech LensView System™

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The LensView system allows for semi-automatic measurement of thickness and airgap in a lens assembly. Using a combination of IR interferometry and patented optical head, LensView can address critical microlens manufacturing process steps or to validate a new lens assembly design.


Measurement: The patented optical head is combined with imaging and metrology in the same optical head to reach the best in class spot centering capability.


Accuracy & Precision: The centering is performed by combining visual spot positioning and reflected signal analysis.


Reliability & Maintainability: LensView Mechanical set-up allows easy reliable alignmnent along with low maintenance.


Data Management: "Easy to use" software makes measurement and data explortation in several formats for reporting easier.


Measurement Range: From 20 μm to 200 mm