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Fogale Nanotech Lensmap System™

Fogale Nanotech Lensmap System™

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Lens assembly thickness and airgap automated measurement: Using a patented optical head, Lensmap can address critical micro-lens manufacturing process steps by selecting the corresponding recipe for each application and providing feedback into the production flow for better yields.


Lensmap Software Benefits:

  • Measurement: Patented ultra-high precision center thickness and position measurement in microlens assemblies.
  • Throughput: The 300mm x,y stage, automated pattern recognition for spot centering, and 50 Hz temporal mode interferometer allow the user to measure a large number of lenses at high speed by running a single recipe.
  • Reliability and maintainability: Lensmap is designed to meet high reliability level. IR SLD light source lifetime is 100 times longer than classical sources.
  • Data management: Capability to export data through customer network in manual or automatic mode.
  • Metrology control: In situ metrology process control with embedded reference standards and statistical process control software.


Lensmap applications: 


  • Mobile phone camera lens


  • Molded lens assembly


  • Micro-lens array


  • Wafer level optics
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