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Fogale Nanotech Lenscan System™

Fogale Nanotech Lenscan System™

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The Lenscan system allows the direct measurement of the position and the center thickness of all optical elements (lenses, cubes, flats...) of an assembly along the optical axis.


It can be used with large benefits in terms of time saving and quality assessment at all steps of the optical design and manufacturing process.


Lenscan Software complete set of functions:

  • Sample set-up, Sample definition with extensive list of known glass materials
  • Automatic pattern matching
  • Accuracy/repeatability testing
  • Statistics on measurement batch
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions to ensure accurate optical index computation for internal delay line
  • Specific linearity calibration procedure with high accuracy length standard, tested over the whole system range
  • Motorized collimator option with wizard to find optimal setting


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