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LAS-BT™ NexGen Now Available!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Primary LAS-BT™ NexGen improvements:

Column: Aluminum support has been replaced with a solid granite column. The granite column is flatter, stiffer, damps vibration, and is less susceptible to thermal expansion/contraction.

Vertical Stage: The friction screw drive of the old stage has been replaced by a high-precision ball screw drive with linear rails. The new stage is more accurate and smoother with overall straighter linear travel. The net result is more accurate centering. The vertical stage also has a front cover removing the threat of pinch points.

Linear Encoder: The rotary encoder can be upgraded with an optional precision steel linear encoder and optical readhead (0.1 micron resolution). This permits error mapping (position and thermal) for improved Vertex height and ROC accuracy.

LAS-BT™ NexGen is available in both VIS and VIS+IR.

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