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Surface Profile Measurement

Reticle Alignment Module for LAS

System Description:

Designed for use with the industry-leading Laser Alignment & Assembly Station (LAS), the new Reticle Alignment Module (LAS-RAM) offers fast and easy alignment of reticles, apertures, fiber, light sources and detectors to the optical axis of lenses during multi-lens assembly. 

Using a precision retractable arm mounted directly to the standoff of the LAS Optical Module, the RAM can be quickly moved from its resting-to-measurement position in a few seconds. Micro x/y-axis stages permit precision adjustment to bring the feature under measurement to the center of the camera field of view (FOV). Integrated LED coaxial illumination permits high contrast imaging of both positive and negative targets. Precise focus is achieved using the motorized LAS vertical axis and automatic image contrast optimization. The RAM software application permits fast feature capture and measurement of TIR for minimizing centration error.  


System Characteristics

  • Designed for optimizing the centration of reticles, apertures, fiber, light sources and detectors with lens assemblies

  • Precision retractable arm attaches to Optical Module of LAS and enables quick and easy engage/dis-engage during lens assembly

  • High magnification digital microscope for imaging with integrated LED coaxial illumination

  • Automated image contrast optimization for precise focusing 

  • Easy to use software application for measuring TIR, fully integrated with CalcuLens software

  • Sub-micron centration measurement accuracy

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