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LAS-CalcuSurf 2D™

LAS-CalcuSurf 2D™

High-Resolution Digital TIR Probe & Software for Precision Housing/Cell Alignment

  • Quickly and easily measure alignment and form of mechanics with unmatched precision

  • Align and profile to sub-micron TIR within seconds


  • Both contact and non-contact probes available 100nm resolution, 200nm accuracy


  • Dual probe option for simultaneous TIR profiling of centration and tilt datums


  • Software GUI with probe setup, auto-scaling TIR dial, and real-time profile plotting options


  • Passes residual errors to CalcuLens™ for improved accuracy of lens alignment


  • Ease-of-use features allow operators of all skill levels to take precision measurements


  • Powerful addition to the LAS™ for Manufacturing and Assembly Quality/Process Control

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