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LAS-CalcuLens Inspection™

LAS-CalcuLens Inspection™

High-Resolution Digital TIR Probe & Software for Precision Housing/Cell Alignment

CalcuLens™ v2.7 software enables LAS™ system users with non-contact and instant sub-micron measurements for any lens surface, including cylindrical, aspherical and spherical lenses with coated or uncoated surfaces. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides full motion control and position feedback of both vertical (focus) and rotary axes for automated data capture and real time analysis. It accommodates radii of curvatures from ±0.5mm to infinity in both Cat’s Eye and Confocal reflections. Optimum signal-to-noise is achieved with software controlled laser wavelength selection, current setting and camera exposure.


Calibration Utility:

  • Calibrate by following interactive step-by-step instructions

  • Print final result.

  • Self-documenting ISO compliant

  • Precision grade calibration optics increase accuracy and reduce process steps

Motion Control:

  • Automatically move the Optical Module to the desired surface reflection (Cat’s Eye or Confocal)

  • Automatically rotate the air bearing spindle during data capture

  • 100nm resolution in vertical axis, arcsec resolution in rotary axis

  • Variable speed setting (fast, medium, slow)


  • English, Metric, Linear, Angular

  • Convert with original unit retention for future calculations

Automatic centroid:

  • Automated capture and calculation with ROI

  • Manual capture when necessary


  • Perform fast autofocus for sharpest focus

Graphic tolerance zone:

  • Tolerance limit guide circle diameter equal to tolerance spec on that surface

  • Provides target crosshairs on screen

Lens data:

  • Download from Zemax design software or enter lens specs manually

  • Save back to Zemax

Glass index:

  • Industry glass index library (visible & IR)

  • Custom index entry

Gas index:

  • Air, nitrogen, vacuum

  • Custom index entry

CalcuLens™ v2.7 Software Options:

CalcuLens™ Assembly Software: The base software package standard on every LAS™. Used for incoming inspection at the component level (lenses and mechanics), alignment and measurement during sub-assembly of lenses/lens cells, alignment and measurement during overall optical system assembly. Recommended for all LAS™ users to align, measure and document the assembly process as it progresses lens-by-lens. Suitable for production environments, R&D development projects, quality control processes and more.

  • Reflection based measurement from the top and/or bottom surface of a single lens

  • Calculates location of top and bottom surface centers of curvature and lens optical axis

  • Records separate tilt and de-center values for each lens alignment

  • Submicron TIR or arc sec values

  • Lens-by-lens measurements 

CalcuLens™ Inspection Software: An add-on capability to the base software package that extends the Assembly to measure and quantify the alignment of lenses embedded in an already assembled system. Provides the same data output as the Assembly software but allows measurements for lenses below the top lens of the optical system under test. Recommended for LAS™ users that require measurement of an assembled system. Suitable for inspecting and qualifying a lens assembly, diagnosing problems, or other situations where the lens alignment comes into question.

  • CalcuLens™ Assembly functionality included

  • Adds ray trace to confirm alignment of individual lenses in a multi-lens stack

  • Measure embedded lenses in a finished assembly measurements

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