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Aspheric Tilt Measurement

System Characteristics

  • Based upon the industry-renowned Lens Alignment Station (LAS), the new Aspheric Tilt Measurement Module (ATM) for LAS offers fast, precise, robust and user-programmable automatic tilt measurement for the precision alignment of aspheric surfaces during multi-lens assembly.

  • Using a cored granite column, ultra-high-precision linear encoders and a nanometer resolution distance measurement sensor, the ATM and can be mounted on a LAS for simultaneous decentration and tilt measurements of aspheric optics.

  • The accuracy of decentration and tilt measurement are better than 0.2 µm and 5 arcsec, respectively for most aspheric surfaces.​

  • Fast and accurate measurement of the tilt of aspheric surfaces ​

  • User-Programmable fully automatic measurement features (with ultra-high-precision optical linear encoders for the translation stage)

  • Flexible options: either add-on to an existing Lens Alignment Station (LAS system) for simultaneous decentration and tilt testing, or used as a stand-alone aspheric lens tilt station.


ATM Technical Specifications.jpg
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