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LAS-VRM™ Application

LAS-VRM™ Application

Lens Vertex/ROC Measurement

Control Airgaps and Measure Lens CT During Assembly and Qualify Single Lens Radius of Curvature (ROC)

The LAS-Vertex/ROC accessory measures lens center thickness (CT), air gap, vertex height, and ROC relative to a predefined reference surface during assembly on the Laser Alignment & Assembly StationTM (LAS) using a custom high-NA Vertex Measurement Objective (VMO) and accompanying CalcuLens Vertex Measurement software module. During assembly, the VMO allows operators to accurately measure the z-position of the lens vertex within ±2.5 µm by automatically finding the sharpest focus of the reflected laser beam. 

  • Extends alignment capability of latest generation LAS to precise height (z-axis) measurement​

  • Lens-to-Lens vertex height measurement during assembly over entire travel of vertical stage​

  • Lens CT and air gap measurement of air-spaced doublets/triplets (< 50mm stack height)​

  • Radius of Curvature (ROC) measurement of single lenses​

  • Ultra-precise autofocus algorithm with custom high-NA objective​

  • Micron accuracy with error mapped high precision optical encoders​

  • Powerful addition to the LAS for Lens Manufacturing and Assembly Process Control​

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