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Meter Class 4-Color Alignment System

  • The Most ACCURATE and POWERFUL IR Alignment System Available


  • 600mm to 1000mm rotary work surface, 2000mm vertical stage


  • State-of-the-art Optical Module design optimized for exceptionally high tilt/centration sensitivity at very long radius of curvature (ROC = 1000mm to infinity)


  • Ultra-high-resolution optical encoders with nanometer interferometric mapping of vertical axis for micron-level position accuracy


  • Custom objective for measuring alignment of mirrors with holes 


  • Alignment and Inspection of Larger IR Lens Assemblies with Sub-Micron Accuracy


  • Highest quality rotary air bearing with less than 50 nm run-out / wobble

  • Quantum Cascade Laser with Single Mode Optical Fiber Transport

  • Lens Thickness and Air Gap Measurement

  • Red / Green / MWIR / LWIR Lasers

  • Multi Lens Capable

  • Optional Non-Contact TIR Sensor

Alignment and inspection of assembled IR lenses is now possible at sub-micron accuracy with the IR Laser Alignment Station™. The LAS-XUP-IR™ is designed as a dual use assembly/ inspection station utilizing a combination of 4.05µm MWIR and 9.50µm LWIR software-controlled, variable power quantum cascade lasers (0.1mW to 10mW at the objective) as well as visible diode lasers, 660nm and 520nm, to allow assembly/inspection of visible and IR lens systems with radii ± 1mm to infinity without changing objectives.


CalcuLens™ Inspection Software with LAS-XUP-IR™ allows measurement accuracy < 1.0 µm:

  • Top surface centration (µm) or tilt (arcsec): Normal and confocal reflections
  • Bottom surface centration (µm) or tilt (arcsec): Normal and confocal reflections
  • Overall lens optical axis (µm) and wedge/tilt (arcsec)
  • Centration (µm) and tilt (arcsec) of any lens surface in finished assembly (some reflections may not be visible due to AR coatings, lens CT, air gaps, etc)


  • SWIR (1.55µm), MWIR (4.05µm) or LWIR (9.50µm) Red (660nm) and Green (520nm) laser-reflection based Optical Module     
  • Latest-generation aspheric focusing and re-imaging optics
  • State-of-the-art 12 megapixel ultra-small-pixel CMOS camera for best sampling of image
  • 2000mm vertical linear focusing movement with multi-speed stepper motor and micron accuracy encoders (error mapped)
  • Ø600mm rotary air-bearing with integrated Ø600mm x/y/tip/tilt table
  • Ø800mm to Ø1000mm top plate for extra-large optics/housings
  • CalcuLens™ Assembly software for measuring alignment errors of single lens, cemented doublets & triplets
  • Centration accuracy: 0.2µm centration @ ROC ≤ 10m
  • Tilt accuracy: 0.5 arcsec @ ROC ≥ 10m
  • Maximum axial load capacity ~ 2000lb (907Kg)
  • System Weight ~ 6200lb (2812Kg)
  • System dimensions 79”x59”x130” (2000x1500x3300mm)



  • CalcuLens™ Inspection software for measuring in-stack (embedded) lens alignmentvalues
  • CalcuSurf2D™ real-time TIR dial and profiling software. Can be interfaced with 0.1µm resolution contact lever probe or new non-contact chromatic confocal distance measurement sensor.
  • LAS-Vertex/ROCTM add-on software & hardware for the measurement of lens center thickness and air gaps at +/- 2.5µm accuracy (20mm to 50mm measurement range)
  • LAS-DMITM low-coherence SWIR interferometer for the measurement of lens center thickness and air gaps at +/- 1µm accuracy (200mm to 600mm measurement range) 

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