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Ultra-Precision Centering Station for the Alignment & Inspection of

Larger MWIR/LWIR Lens Assemblies

The LAS-XUP-VIS-2xIR™ is a 0.5m-sized, non-contact lens alignment and inspection station designed from the ground-up for precision lens centration and tilt measurements of single element, doublet, triplet and multi-element MWIR/LWIR lens assemblies with radius ranging from +/- 1 mm to infinity (plano) and diameters from below 1 mm to 600 mm, including spherical, aspheric, cylindrical and parabolic surfaces. All this can be done with a single objective lens allowing for fast and easy measurement. 

The core measurement technology is based on focused laser reflection (see LAS Technology). A single-mode optical fiber couples the external Laser Generation Module (LGM) to the on-tool vertically-mounted Optical Module (OM) which houses the focusing optics and large-format array camera(s). Software control of the LGM permits fast switching of wavelengths and optimization of the beam power, resulting in superior imaging of the reflected beam with sub-micron measurement precision. The design of the LGM permits up to two of three visible wavelengths (blue, green & red) and two infrared wavelength (MWIR and LWIR). 

The user friendly CalcuLens™ Assembly software is standard to all LAS™ models and enables computer automated measurement of the alignment errors of a single lens for rapid bottom-up assembly. Extending the measurement to multi-element lens assemblies requires the optional CalcuLens™ Inspection software thereby adding powerful inspection capability for the quality assurance of finished lens assemblies. The recent addition of CalcuSurf-1D™ USB lever probe and profiling software to the LAS™ family of products significantly aids the ease and precision of initial setup, resulting in improved utilization during frequent lens assembly changes. 


  • Centering of single MWIR/LWIR lenses

  • Cementing MWIR/LWIR lens doublets & triplets

  • Centering & bonding of multi-element MWIR/LWIR lens assemblies

  • Alignment Inspection of infrared multi-lens assemblies (requires CalcuLens™ Inspection)

  • Measurement of lens vertex height and air gaps (requires CalcuLens™ Vertex)

  • Measurement of lens Radius of Curvature (requires CalcuLens™ ROC)

  • Measurement of infrared lens and assembly beam deviation (requires CalcuLens™ BD)

  • TIR profiling of rotationally symmetric housings and cells (requires CalcuSurf-1D™)


  • Cored granite construction on rigid passive vibration isolation stand

  • Measurement of larger diameter infrared lenses and assemblies (300 mm ø ≤ 600 mm)

  • High-precision (< 50 nm runout) ø300 mm encoded rotary air bearing with integrated centration/tilt stage and vacuum through center

  • Precision, motorized & encoded vertical linear stage (travel ≤ 2000 mm)

  • High-power green (520 nm) laser, fiber coupled to Optical Module

  • High-power MWIR (4.05 µm) quantum cascade laser, fiber coupled to Optical Module

  • High-power LWIR (9.50 µm) quantum cascade laser, fiber coupled to Optical Module

  • 90 mm Working Distance (WD) broad-band (0.4 µm – 12 µm) objective lens with quick-attach thread for accessories

  • User-friendly CalcuLens™ Assembly software and data reporting functions conforming to ISO standards

  • Sub-micron centration accuracy in both VIS and IR



  • Add Red (660 nm) or Blue (460 nm) laser 

  • Extended vertical focusing travel 1500 mm – 2000 mm

  • High-precision (< 50 nm runout) ø400 mm encoded rotary air bearing with integrated centration/tilt stage and vacuum through center

  • Add motorized direct drive to manual rotary air bearing

  • Extended worktable diameters Ø400 mm – Ø600 mm 

  • 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 150 mm & 200 mm WD broad-band objective lens adapters

  • Glue dispensing and UV cure stations

  • Reticle alignment accessory

  • CalcuLens Inspection software for measuring alignment of multi-lens assemblies

  • CalcuLens Vertex software for measurement of lens vertex height of tall lens assemblies and lens thickness and air space of shorter assemblies

  • CalcuLens ROC software for measurement of lens radius of curvature

  • CalcuLens BD software for measurement of lens boresight/beam deviation

  • CalcuSurf-1D precision USB lever probe with digital gage and real-time profiling software 

  • DMI-200 Low-coherence Distance Measurement Interferometer for center thickness and air space measurement of tall lens assemblies

  • 3D-SPM Surface Profiling Module for LAS

  • ROTOwand for vacuum lens pick-up & handling


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